Great to hear you for the first time at the Horseshoe Curve tonight. The power was out but your show was amazing totally unplugged!
Great night in Nocona!! Thanks
Seen you guys at Nocona Nights!! Really enjoyed your music and talking to you. Keep up the good music!
I like your website!!! :) Bye... Thank for yourattention :)
You rock Patterson!!! See you soon I hope!!! Angel
We saw you several months ago in Sacramento when my wife Catalina and her friend Gillian opened for you in a storefront tavern in a strip mall. We're still singing along with your songs as we've learned many by osmosis (consistent play). We laugh and holler and remember the show and the playlist. Thanks for a lovely evening.
So great to finally make your acquaintance, Patterson! Thanks for all the pickin' & singin!. Rich Blessings, Janet Emma
Hello! I saw you in two shows in Asturias and I really enjoyed your perfomence, was fantastic.Thank you boy!
Hi Patterson, Don't have your email address but just wanted to let you know that I used one of your tracks on my Sunday show this week.The full listing is below. Hope all good with you. Graeme Graeme Scott World Of Music VRN1287 Playlist Sunday June 21st 2015 Programme 15.00hrs - 17.00hrs The Beach Boys – Sail On Sailor – Holland – Brother The Walker Brothers – My Ship Is Coming In – The Best Of – Universal Michael Armstrong – Innocence Of Men – Michael Armstrong – Right Track – A.O.T.D. Jerry Lawson – Peace Like A River – Just A Mortal Man – Red Beet – A.O.T.D. The McCrary Sisters – Use Me Lord- Let’s Go – MCC PlumHall – Learning How To Talk – Single – Splid James McArthur And The Head Gardeners – The Day It Rained Forever – Single – Moorland Rachel Sage – Used To Be My Girl – Single – MPress Bobby Womak – I’m Gonna Forget About You – The Preacher - Charly The Word – Chocolate Cowboy – Soul Food – Vanguard Tami Neilson – Texas – Dynamite – TN Chuck Hawthorne – Leaving Amarillo – Silver Line – 3 Notches Music Patterson Barrett – Colours Of The Sunset Sky – I Must Be Dreaming – So Fish Stephanie Urbina Jones – Mariachis Make Me Cry – The Texicana Sessions – Casa Del Rio Michael Armstrong – Paler Shade Of Blue – Michael Armstrong – Right Track – A.O.T.D. Jerry Lawson – I Hope That Love Always Knows Your Name – Just A Mortal Man – Red Beet – A.O.T.D. The Beatles – Can’t Buy Me Love – A Hard Day’s Night – Parlophone The Rolling Stones – Carol – The Rolling Stones – London Max – Obvious – Single – Right Track Andreya Triana – That’s Alright With Me – Single – AT McMahon – Nicola – Single – All In Carolynne Poole – I Love You But Shut Up – Single – Paragon Men With Ven – Jason Statham – Single – IRL Black – Ashes Of Angels – Single – Nero Schwarz Antonio Lulic – When I Can’t – Son – Armoured Minds Buffy Sainte-Marie – Power In The Blood – Power In The Blood – True North Eoin Glackin – Pretty Girl – Eoin Glackin - IRL Michael Armstrong – The Contented Man(These Halcyon Days) – Michael Armstrong – Right Track – A.O.T.D. Jerry Lawson – I’m Just A Mortal Man – Just A Mortal Man – Red Beet – A.O.T.D. David Bradley – I’d Love To Be Your Last – Loving Out Loud – FOD Jules Knight – It’s Only Life – Change Of Heart – Music Infinity Please note A. O.T.D. stands for Album or Artist Of The Day where applicable. Please note A. O.T.W. stands for Album or Artist Of The Week where applicable. Competition indicates when a competition has been held. XXX indicates where no Label information is available from the in-house Playout System
Hi Patterson, I wanted to say a formal thank you for coming along yesterday to the studio with Stephanie. I really enjoyed meeting with you both. Maybe next time around we can also spend a bit on you and your music. Until then I wish you good fortune and as we say over here in Scotland 'lang may yer lum reek'. Roughly translated to long may you have warmth in your home. Best regards Graeme
hi! just received my order from the amazon marketplace of levon helm's this wheels on fire. seems to have your name on the inner sleeve,Looks well read. good to have some further connection to someone who owned this one. gonna check your homepage later
A great scene with Scarlett & Terry. You were a big part of it. Can't wait to see you in more episodes.
Hello.I bought my first guitar On Tuesday and can't wait to play. I met you long ago as a UT student. You were very nice to me and I appreciate that! Am now a very well adjusted married mom of 2 awesome boys! Thank you for being so kind! Irma
Hello! This is Olivia (who got to sing "Ain't No Sunshine" with you at La Noche). I just wanted to thank you for the once in a lifetime opportunity to sing with you, Pops, and Roger. It's a memory I will always have. I hope that I'll run into you again if I ever visit Austin.
Had so much fun getting to know you in San Miguel de Allende. Thanks for your kindness to my daughter, Olivia. Singing with you at La Noche is a thrill she will never forget.
Hey, Pat! Great seeing you in SMA! Love, Robin
Nice website. I know you best from your days with Austin All-Stars. Plus you used to rent my big green van from time to time. Drop me a line sometime. -NL
Brother Barrett: Not sure if we're related, but with the same last name we're closer than we are to the Smith family. I'm listening to you on Sirius/xm "Outlaw Country" here in beautiful LaHonda, in the wonderful state of California. When are you coming to California ? All the best. Joe BARRETT
Buenos Dias Patterson, I think you'll be staying in my house in San Miguel de Allende, Gto., MX when you visit for the Casita Linda event 28 Feb -> 4 March. What might you like for breakfast? I currently have Kona and Sumatra coffee and several decent teas. My 6500 sq ft home is quite decent as I have a housekeeper and gardener who will take good care of you while I have to entertain my women friends. Ciao Mike
Great show at the Saxon Pub on Sept. 5th. Introspective, soul searching songs with musical integrity. A listening pleasure indeed.
Big compliments to you, Patterson on your soon to be released recording, "When I Was Your Age". The concept, the artistry and the sequencing brought it all home. Thank you and lots of love your way!
Enjoying the cd! Had to check out your website. Good job on both!
Hi Patterson, Been trying to reach you for some studio work, much appreciated to hear from you. I'll send a message to you on myspace, thanks! ANGEL H.
Great site, and dig that blue Guitar behind you! ANGEL
Hi Patterson! It's been forever since I've seen or talked to you and your family. I'm doing really good. I hope you and your family are doing well. My son Jhermaine will be 21 this year and is in his 2nd at Tx A&M University in Bryan College Station studying Meteorology. And of course he a musician as well. And that is one of my reasons for writing you. He is a percussionist, playing the drums since he was 4 yrs old and is pretty awesome. He would love to do some side work helping move and set up equipement as a college student over spring break or this summer. If you could email me or call me at (512) 568-9067 or him on his cell# at (512) 419-8145. I understand that you are pretty busy, but he would greatly appreciate it. Thank you and take care! And tell Cathy I said Hello! Demethia
Nice update on the website. What time is the White Horse show this Friday?
Love the music....great songs, nice, open production. Fantastic!
Hey looking to see where your playing your calendar is empty? I know that can't be? pat
Like the new tune. Great title. Good to hear some Texas music up here in Vermont. I can hear Homer Henderson doing the song. also glad to hear Inman is fronting his own group. Peace, Clovis
Like the new tune. Great title. Good to hear some Texas music up here in Vermont. I can hear Homer Henderson doing the song. also glad to hear Inman is fronting his own group. Peace, Clovis
Just saw the video of you doing the where and when song...Nice! Sad and sweet. Thanks.
Just saw the video of you doing the where and when song...Nice! Sad and sweet. Thanks.
Thanks for the Christmas picture. You guys look great!
Hey Patterson, about 33 years ago I was a roomate with your brother Chris and Crystal Y. and was a "groupie" for your group, Partners in Crime. I see from this blog that Jon Simons is still doing music and hopefully is well. I remember both of you having so much talent and so nice to me since i had just moved here from LA. I am very happy for your success. please let me know of your upcoming events...
Paterson, was @ a puter 2-day and was lookin up some old friends, thot of you, we're old friends right? Pat I know there is so much water under that bridge of time, hope you are well. Paterson, I really miss those long ago days, don't you. I know, by the looks of yer foto section, looks like you been doing what you love all these years, but the last pic in that sec was the Pat I remember. Boy we've all grown and matured so much hopefully since "The Pharm" days? I really count myself fortunate havin those neat days that I loved so much. I like your songs Pat. Listening while I write this. Have you talked to Simon recently? What a great player there. I love you guys and wish we could do a little jam, write some new tunes together. "In another world", nice tune Pat. Hey Pat, give me a call. Cell 856 562 7842. Would be great to hear frum you. Benny C > Shalom Pat > Anyone hear frum Jeff or Jimmy?
It was great to hear your new Xmas songs at the the Winter Faire. Stomping on the roof really put the crowd in a holiday mood.
Patterson, I don't know if you remember when I booked you, Buddy and Julie, Partners in Crime, into a little ole beer joint east of Temple called Sefcik Hall. I think I paid you guys $150 bucks and we had a huge crowd(is 25 huge). A real money maker for all of us. Well, Sefcik Hall, according to a friend was just rated as the number one old dance hall in the state by Texas Monthly this month. Maybe we can do another gig there in the spring. I'm sure your price may be and well Buddy, that's another story but not out reality. Really dig the Christmas songs. Hope to come to Austin soon. Jim Hix
Thanks for the Christmas music ,magic. I am extra partial to "Santa Claus is on the Loose". I've got you tuned in while at my desk swimming mightily through paperwork. Yeehaw! See you soon.
Hi Patterson, Please add me to your email list. Thanks much, Deb
Attened the Gram Bday hoot at Threadgill's last night. What a great show! Thanks so much!!! Look forward to the next one - wish birthdays were more than once a year in this case...
Good morning, Patterson. My husband and I enjoyed your Gram Parson's show last night - thanks! I am putting a little blog with a few pictures up on today. But might you please tell me the full names of Kevin on pedal steel and Joe? on fiddle? If you also tell me an email, I'll send you pics and a link too. Thanks, Jeanne
Hello from an old old friend. I hope you are well and happy. Best wishes on your continued success!
Hey Patterson, I ran into you at EZs about a year ago. I was instrumental in your rapid rise to fame as I booked you, Buddy and Julie into a Czech beer joint east of Temple. I think at least 20 people showed up. Partners in Crime, 1978. Anyway, I have been talking to a guy , Lance Juckas, with the Cactus Hunters from NY. If you get a chance you might go to there web site and maybe contact him. He has played with a lot of the Band dudes and y'al have a lot of the same roots and is looking for ideas. Congrats on the Ryman gig. You've made it!
Hey Patterson. I used to intern at the Production Block around 1994ish. My wife Rosalind used to sing with your group. Glad to see you doing well.
great album! love to you from Boomer
Just got back from the whirlwind "American Folk Music Alliance" Convention in Memphis. Jammed with Patterson in the Austin Room 'till 4 am. Only problem was I didn't get much attention, everyone was so knocked out by Patterson's singing,his new songs, and his playing. Don't know why he's not a star yet.
Will there be another gram parson Hoot Night this year? Hadnt seen anything yet . Had such a great time in 2007 . Please let me know .
It was an honor and pleasure seeing you and Lydia at the EZ. T-shirts can do marvelous things. From Levon Hem at Woodstock I was trying to think of the group Levon played with,Cactus Hunters with Lance Juckas. Our Partners in Crime show at Sefcik Hall, eight miles east of Temple was in 1978. Gammage couldn't do it so you guys covered. What great memories. Congrats on the new CD, it' very good. Al Kooper? Unbelievable. What about Bloomfield. Stay in touch and thanks again. Jim Hix, Waco, Texas. Regards to the Miller family, if they remember.
Hello Patterson!! Im glad I found Your Website! "Let the Music Play" Im still at It also however Can I get Your help? You are probably pondering"Who is this Guy?" I will call You Soon. I do hope that You read Your "Guest-Book" at sometime.
So finally I get to go through my stack Folk Alliance albums and get to that wonderful piece of art that makes the cover of "I Must Be Dreaming"so attractive. It takes me 20 seconds to remove the plastic and open up the Digipak... I'm all eyes and ears, but.... The paclkage opens up and there's a bite out of the CD... Oh sh**t! Best Evert Wilbrink
Hi Patterson, It was nice to meet you in Memphis. Good luck at SXSW. KO
Hi Patterson!! - OK we are on the list - looking forward to some upcoming gigs!!
Patterson, Great to find your web sight! I especially enjoyed reading about the "old" days of Partners in Crime. What was that song that I allways requested? It's no Crime? Dr. Simon!?! That blew me away too! And Lin looks great. How long has it been> Love you, Sheila
put me on your reminder list
hey patterson! thanks for the CD SOUNDS GREAT MAN reminds me of the old AUSTIN ALL-STARS daze! keep it up pp
Hey buddy congratulations!! Hope you are well....say hey to dana for me also
Patterson, Enjoyed hearing the album. Tried to email you but am not sure if the emails are going through. Call me if you're interested in Radio Promotion. I think I can do you some good with this fine piece of work. Thx, Bill Wence 615-776-2060
Congratulations on your new CD, Patterson. I'm looking forward to hearing it. I'm proud to call you a friend. See you in January 08.
Congratulations on getting these excellent songs out for the rest of the world to enjoy. You know the songs are good when they stay with you long after the recording has finished playing and they bubble up as the internal soundtrack of your day. I am delighted you will be part of the 3rd Coast Songwriter's Showcase on July 19 at Austin Java. I will be living my life on the Pastures of Plenty July 11 - 16, so I will see you after that journey. Nice, friendly, web-site too. Thanks for all the songs and inspiration and for being a fabulous musical mentor and friend. Love, blessings, and best, Dana
Earl and I listened to an excellent CD all they way home. Your CD is fantastic. Shelley
The website is coming along really well. And I love your Myspace page. I'm really looking forward to the 21st.