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Well, judging from my most previous news post, it's been a long dang time since I've had news. Not true! i've been so busy that I haven't been making the time to keep this page up to date. I'm gping to make an early resolution to do more.

I've led Stephanie Urbina Jones' Honky Tonk Mariachis in our 2nd and 3rd appearances on The Grand Ole Opry, produced a record for Libby Koch, I've been to Europe for another month long tour, I've hosted a 13th Annual Gram Parsons Birthday Hoot show in Austin... a bunch of stuff.

Coming up: Some more shows as the singing bass player in my son's duo Well Worn Soles, and a whole slew of holiday shows with Stephanie Urbina Jones. See you next year!

Back on dry land after sailing to Jamaica and the Yucatan with a bunch of great music makers and fans on the Cayamo cruise, I'll be headed to sunny Austin Texas for SXSW season. I'll be playing some shows of my own as well as with my long-time-sometime-bandmates in Denim, and accompanying Stephanie Urbina Jones, Mary Battiata and who knows who else, finishing the week on St, Patty's Day with the Lost Austin Band. Wow. You can find details on the calendar page. Hoping to see you at a show soon, and as always, thanks for listening!

Well, time for another go round. Hey, it started out nicely (for me, at least) playing with folks at the Texas Songwriter's Music Legends Hall Of Fame Awards, including a set with Michael Martin Murphey. A reunion of sorts. Many years ago I would sit in with Michael and his band before I moved to Texas. As a matter of fact, thats where I met my current cohorts in the Lost Austin Band, Bob Livingston and Craig Hillis. The band is keeping Classic Cosmic Country alive doing the songs of 70's Austin and beyond; come check it out sometime—we'll be playing at the Saxon Pub during SXSW.

In addition to continuing to sing my own songs anywhere people will listen, I'll be doing some shows with Stephanie Urbina Jones featuring songs from her recent record Tularosa (produced by yours truly), producing a live record for Libby Koch, and once again accompanying Buddy Miller and a bunch of his friends as we cruise the Carribean on Cayamo (a cool week long sort of Americana songwriter festival on a ship).

And who knows what else? Check back here and see, leave a comment, come to a show and say hello. And as always, thanks for listening!

Wow, I've been so darned busy enjoying my wonderful life, I seem to be neglecting to provide insightful updates in this space. Well, just now coming to the end of a great 3 week tour in Scotland with my friend Brian Langlinais. We've each been singing songs from our recent CDs, and thanks to our trusted promoter and guide Rob Ellen, who let's face it, is a little video crazy, you can see a whole bunch of it on my Facebook page. Next up, a festival in Spain with Stephanie Urbina Jones, then some Labor Day shows with the Lost Austin Band in Austin. And just over the horizon, the Americana Music Association Conference and Festival in Nashville. But I'll endeavor (once more) to stay in touch right here!





That's right, I've been on the Nationwide Coast-To-Coast Radio Tour for 2 months thus far, and it's sort of flown by. I've visited so many wonderful people, new friends and old (you know who you are), and seen some truly amazing scenery. I've been posting a bunch on my facebook, so check that out. I've still got some radio folks to visit, and I've just released a second single from the record, "Elephant In The Room", which you can listen to at the Words & Music page., along with some background stories and lyrics.

And a little later on this summer, I'll be heading to Scotland to promote "Give'em What They Want" and play with my good friend Brian Langlinais.

Hey, you can leave a comment here, and as always, thanks for listening!

Gosh, I've been so busy setting up everything for the CD release, that I somehow managed to overlook my own website! My bad!

Yes, my latest CD, "Give'em What They Want" saw it's official release last Friday. An early review from No Depression says "

...ready made to endear him to his listener, even on first hearing. Give ‘Em What They Want provides all it promises". You can read the entire review here. Now I'm Nationwide, having embarked on an ambitious coast-to-coast radio tour, with some gigs sprinkled in. Check out the calendar page to see where I'll be. Ok, this free wifi from the Moab McDonalds is frustratingly slow, and I need to head towards Portland. More and lengthier update to follow. Thanks for listening!


Well, I'm still basking in the warm afterglow of another great Gram Parsons Birthday Hoot, the annual show I host in Austin Texas. So many wonderful singers and players, absolutely perfect weather...what's next? Plenty.

That new cd I've been yakking about for a while will be released March 9th (2018), so I'm gearing up for a bunch of touring to promote the thing, you know, to give the songs a chance to connect with their audience; "On Tour: The Songs Of Patterson Barrett (Accompanied by Patterson Barrett)". 

But before then, I'll be spending a good bit of December playing with Stephanie Urbina Jones in Texas for her Spirit Of Christmas Tour. 

Then I'm honored to be performing a few times at the 30A Songwriter Fest alongside some pretty big time folks (Emmylou Harris, Steve Earl, Patty Griffin, James McMurtry).

And as if that's not enough, I'll be performing on the Cayamo Songwriter Cruise , again with an amazing line-up.

And so much more to come...stay tuned!

I'm sitting in Dulles Airport (Washington, D.C.) with a 6 hour layover.

But don't feel sorry for me; I'll be boarding a plane to Dublin, where I'll begin a 2 1/2 week stroll through Ireland, Scotland, Italy and Switzerland, before jetting back to Nashville just in time for the American Music Association festival and conference. From there, a couple weeks in Austin before going out to San Francisco, where my buddy, Buddy Miller, has invited me to join him in his stage band at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival, where we'll be backing up Dan Penn, Bill Anderson, Gurf Morlix, and Lillie Mae. Lots of other stuff coming up after that, not the least of which—The 11th Annual Gram Parsons Birthday Hoot in Austin. Stay tuned for more details, and use plenty of sunscreen!

Spring is here! And I get to see it from a variety of vantage points: Austin, where the Bluebonnets are reaching towards the big, warm, sunny sky—when it's not raining. Nashville, with it's crisper, cooler air and so many blooming trees and flowers. New England, with it's last minute snow and Daffodils poking through to collect the lengthening daylight. All this while getting to play great music with so many great artists! (too many to list; check out the calendar page) and sing my own stuff too. Life is good. Thanks for listening!

Okay, now what? For me, finishing my upcoming CD for release sometime this year. I'm really pleased with it; just a few finishing touches, an additional guest appearance or 2, and voila!

February means the International Folk Alliance conference in Kansas City; always a good time. Plus some touring with my good friend Brian Langlinais in support of his fine recent CD, Right Hand Road, that I was happy to contribute to; check it out!

After that...well, I'll write that verse when we get there. See you soon?

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