After observing the last concurrence of the summer solstice and full moon that I'll see in my lifetime, summer begins! How'd we get here?

Well, in May I spent 10 days in Tularosa, a small town in southern New Mexico, laying down tracks for an upcoming record I'm producing for Stephanie Urbina Jones. Using local musicians, we've recorded vintage classic country hits re-imagined as mariachi songs. Think acoustic instruments, lots of percussion, violins, trumpets, large manly chorus—it's going to be pretty cool.

Also, continuing to work on my own CD, with the addition of some great guest appearances; all pretty exciting (for me, at least)!

Looking forward, I'll be spending a couple weeks in Europe again this summer with Stephanie Urbina Jones in Norway, Scotland and Great Britain. Play some music and see the world. Thank you World.

The record I produced for Renée Wahl, Sworn Secrets, will be out in the fall (on So' Fish Records), as will my good friend Brian Langlinais CD Right Hand Road which I joyfully contibute to, and I'll be playing some wonderful music with the both of them as well. good. Thank you world.

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