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  • Oct 20



  • Oct 21

    Stingaree Festival

    Crystal Beach

  • Oct 22

    Gruene Hall

    New Braunfels

  • Oct 29

    Pawleys Island Tavern

    Pawleys Island

  • Nov 5

    Threadgill's World Headquarters


People ask me in conversation, "so, have you moved to Nashville permanently?".

How do you answer any question about permanence?

This fall will mark the first time since leasing a house in Nashville last February that I have spent 4 consecutive weeks here. I have family, friends, pets, and belongings in Austin, so of course, that is a home to me. But at this point in life, is anything permanent? Especially for a musician.

My kids are grown and travel almost as much as me; my daughter is on a road trip that includes Glacier National Park in Montana (after returning from a month in Zambia). And my son, who is half of the duo Well Worn Soles (whose debut record came out this month, produced by yours truly) is a full time traveling musician as well.

"Home is where you hang your Hat"? Well, I don't wear a hat, but I do lay my head down in a lot of different places all around the world, and it's amazing how many of them feel like home.

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