If you're like me (gosh, I hope not), you might be looking around thinking "how the heck can it be November already?"

Along with finally figuring out who the next president might be, November also means mounting our yearly celebration of Gram Parsons music. Gram was certainly an influence on my own music, and doing this show is a blast for me. As it is with each year, I'll be joined by many talented friends, some of whom come from many hundreds of miles away. If you can't make it this time, mark your calendars for next year's show (November 5th, 2017).

Then I'll spend the rest of this year based from my Austin Texas home (you may recall that I am bi-municipal, living, at times, in both Austin and Nashville). Lots of playing, (which I'll try to be better at letting folks know about), and putting some final touches on my next CD, due out mid 2017. That's it for now, thanks for listening!

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