If you're like me (gosh, I hope not), you might be looking around thinking "how the heck can it be November already?"

Along with finally figuring out who the next president might be, November also means mounting our yearly celebration of Gram Parsons music. Gram was certainly an influence on my own music, and doing this show is a blast for me. As it is with each year, I'll be joined by many talented friends, some of whom come from many hundreds of miles away. If you can't make it this time, mark your calendars for next year's show (November 5th, 2017).

Then I'll spend the rest of this year based from my Austin Texas home (you may recall that I am bi-municipal, living, at times, in both Austin and Nashville). Lots of playing, (which I'll try to be better at letting folks know about), and putting some final touches on my next CD, due out mid 2017. That's it for now, thanks for listening!

After observing the last concurrence of the summer solstice and full moon that I'll see in my lifetime, summer begins! How'd we get here?

Well, in May I spent 10 days in Tularosa, a small town in southern New Mexico, laying down tracks for an upcoming record I'm producing for Stephanie Urbina Jones. Using local musicians, we've recorded vintage classic country hits re-imagined as mariachi songs. Think acoustic instruments, lots of percussion, violins, trumpets, large manly chorus—it's going to be pretty cool.

Also, continuing to work on my own CD, with the addition of some great guest appearances; all pretty exciting (for me, at least)!

Looking forward, I'll be spending a couple weeks in Europe again this summer with Stephanie Urbina Jones in Norway, Scotland and Great Britain. Play some music and see the world. Thank you World.

The record I produced for Renée Wahl, Sworn Secrets, will be out in the fall (on So' Fish Records), as will my good friend Brian Langlinais CD Right Hand Road which I joyfully contibute to, and I'll be playing some wonderful music with the both of them as well. Life...is... good. Thank you world.

How can it be? Spring is springing all around, and I'm traveling around a bit to see what it looks like in different spots. But I'm also spending a good stretch in my recently adopted second home, Nashville. While there, I've been working on a new cd project, and the results are pretty exciting (to me, at least!) I think that's a good sign; that the stuff sounds good to me. And I'm planning to capture some guest performances from some talented folks who are found here in Music City. So that's what I'm up to for now. Get outside and enjoy the season!

Wow, last night the Texas Songwriters Association actually inducted me into their Music Legends Hall of Fame. Huh...it's nice to think that if you hang around long enough and do good work (or try your best to do good work), somebody, maybe even your peers, will notice and say something nice about you. Such as, "...to honor those in the music community that have helped to shape and make Texas the fertile music landscape that it is..." Thanks to the Austin Songwriter's Group, and congratulations to all the other inductees.

People ask me in conversation, "so, have you moved to Nashville permanently?".

How do you answer any question about permanence?

This fall will mark the first time since leasing a house in Nashville last February that I have spent 4 consecutive weeks here. I have family, friends, pets, and belongings in Austin, so of course, that is a home to me. But at this point in life, is anything permanent? Especially for a musician.

My kids are grown and travel almost as much as me; my daughter is on a road trip that includes Glacier National Park in Montana (after returning from a month in Zambia). And my son, who is half of the duo Well Worn Soles (whose debut record came out this month, produced by yours truly) is a full time traveling musician as well.

"Home is where you hang your Hat"? Well, I don't wear a hat, but I do lay my head down in a lot of different places all around the world, and it's amazing how many of them feel like home.

...untill now, that is. I'm in Gijón, a medium-sized town on the northern coast of Spain, where I'm traveling and performing with my friend Stephanie Urbina Jones. Talk about seeing the world! After returning from a week in Scotland in June, we got back on a plane 2 weeks later and headed for Switzerland to play a "Trucker and Country Festival" in the beautiful alpine village of Interlaken. These Europeans sure do like their line dancing and cowboy garb! Now Spain, next week Switzerland; then Germany and Amsterdam.

After returning to Nashville (on July 20th, but who's counting) I'll take a nice long American shower and resume production duties on the next Renée Wahl cd (it's sounding real good).

Coming soon—A big (I hope) party and performance at Threadgill's World Headquarters in Austin celebrating the release of Well Worn Soles debut cd "Country/Folk" on So' Fish Records, produced by...yeah, me. Hope to see you soon, and enjoy the website!

Bi-municipal, that is. I now have a residence in both Austin and Nashville. In an effort to expand my career and musical reach, I've been spending a good bit of my time in Nashville since last fall. During that time, I've been in the studio producing tracks (Renee Wahl), playing on other projects (Julie Christensen, Brian Langlinais), appeared in the ABC-TV series Nashville both onscreen and on soundtracks, and traveled—a bunch: Switzerland, Germany, South Carolina, Kansas City, Lafayette LA, Mexico. I'm still seeing what kind of trouble I can get into here in "Music City, USA", so stay tuned!

In looking at this here website of mine, I can't believe I haven't written anything since Spring! Well, let's see...I'm leaving for Switzerland and Germany tomorrow for performances of my own stuff and with Stephanie Urbina Jones and Augie Meyer. I've got lots of things to report...I'll write about them soon! In the meantime, thanks for listening!

Looking back, I see that in addition to my recurring Wednesday nights at the Saxon Pub in Austin with Walt Wilkins & the Mystiqueros, I've played some with Noel McKay & Brennen Leigh, Craig Marshall (both live and in the Studio), Steady Freddie Krc (recently elected to the office of president for the Austin chapter of the musicians union), Texas guitar legend John Inmon, played numerous events with Stephanie Urbina Jones (including a festival in San Miguel deAllende, Mexico), was part of a Lost Gonzo Band reunion, some Austin All-Stars shows, some shows with Denim, accompanied Brian Pounds (recently voted off the Voice), newcomer Micah Wagner, and played alongside Well Worn Soles (a duo featuring my son Emerson).

I also found time to sing some of my own songs, most notably at the International Folk Alliance Festival & Conference and the infamous Bluebird Café.

I'll try and write about any future gigs before they happen, so you can make a plan to come and listen. I promise to try and do better. Thanks all!

The Gram Parsons Birthday Hoot was wonderful; lot's of folks proclaiming it  "...the best yet!"  Look for audio and video from the show to be posted soon. Be sure to mark your calendars for next year (Sunday, November 2nd, 2014).

Now it's time to finish out a very good year. Among the many great gigs I get to play on a somewhat regular basis, I'm looking forward to sharing the evening with my son Emerson at the New World Deli on December 17th. We'll be joined by his friend and singing partner Chelsea Dix Kessler. Sounds like fun? It sure does to me! I'm also eagerly anticipating the Barn Dance at Leeann Atherton's,  where I'll play with Georgia based songstress Caroline Aiken and my ol' buddy John Inmon, in addition to singing a set of my own songs. Check out the calendar page for info about all this and more.

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