Peter Blackstock, co-editor of No Depression magazine, had some interesting stuff to say about my long ago band, Partners In Crime. Click this link to check it out.
I returned from an amazing week of vacationing in Costa Rica with my family, recharged and ready to start ramping up to promotion and performance frenzy in anticipation of the national release of "I Must Be Dreaming"(on October 9th). I got back in the groove with a wonderful Happy Hour show at Jovita's, here in Austin. It's a great family-friendly venue with food and a nice stage, good sound (thanks, Bobby!) and a dance floor. Members of my family even made an appearance, including my daughter Dana, providing me the opportunity to embarrass her by identifying "I've Been Loving You For So Long (Dana's Song)" as being inspired by, and about, her. Lots of upcoming gigs in the works, so stay tuned!
Who knew? My friend, singer/songwriter and music scene shaker Paula Held did. She was scheduled to play a "break set" last night at Artz Rib House, during Sarah Elizabeth Campbell's break. That's right, there is actually a guy who books a person to get up during a break between someone's set on a Monday night at a BBQ restaurant. Well anyway, my friend Paula wasn't sure she felt well enough after minor surgery earlier in the day to get up and do her stuff, and graciously asked me if I would like to help out. I of course said yes, and I ended up accompanying her on a couple of her songs and then finishing out with 5 of my own. It was a lot of fun, and there were a bunch of scene-makers in attendance, including longtime musical friend Bob Livingston. And now I've been invited back to do my very own Break Set--August 20th. Hope to see you there!
Wow! Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows last week. I hope (but seriously doubt) that everyone had as good a time as I did. In case you missed it, the band sounded great. First and foremost (sorry other valuable and very much appreciated band members) was Robert McEntee's performance. His guitar playing anchored the songs, allowing me to goof off on other instruments or concentrate on singing. Of course, the rhythm section, Keith Carper on bass and Kenny Felton on drums, also did a spectacular job with the songs, including a few from my back catalouge that Keith and Kenny hadn't played in years. I was also lucky to have Lorrie Singer singing harmony on some of the songs, and doing a great job! (she had to learn words!) I know from my own experience accompying other artists, that when learning a bunch of someone else's songs, you really open up your psyche to be inhabited by the material, and it represents a certain sacrifice, when the songs surface during any and all your everyday activities (including dreaming!) Thanks to all of you. The CD is now available locally at Waterloo Records, and online through CD Baby (a link is provided on the "Buy" page), with a national release set for October 2nd. Keep your eyes peeled for more performances, and come up and say Hi! next time you see me.
Thanks to Lorrie Singer and Bradley Kopp, I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful town of Boulder Colorado this week. I played a noon set outdoors at the downtown mall—vey picturesque, kids splashing in a nearby water feature, ice cream vendors, and lots of Lorrie and Brad's friends, all of whom welcomed me with warm and open arms. One of them, Liz (I could tell you her last name, but then I'd have to kill ya) got up and sang harmony along with Lorrie as I sang Concrete & Steel from the new CD. (Thanks!) I also got to spend an afternoon hiking way up in the Rocky Mountains with my longtime friend and ex Partners In Crime bandmate Tessalin Green (credited as Lin Parafin on the album), and have pictures to prove it (see photo section). I hope to return soon to perform and to reconnect with all the new friends I made.
Although the new CD is not "officially" released, it is for sale (see BUY on this site) and a few copies have been sprinkled about. As a result, you may have heard it played on KGSR (thanks Roger!) or KUT (Laurie, you rock!) here in Austin. The rest of the world will have to wait till the global promotional team is in position. Or buy a copy here and play it (notice, I didn't say burn it) for your friends.
I'm in the process of gathering a few of my talented friends to work up the songs from my upcoming CD release. Robert McEntee, a gifted singer/songwriter in his own right and sought-after guitarist will be joining me for upcoming gigs to celebrate the new CD. Appearing on bass will be Keith Carper whose main gig these days is playing with Hal Ketchum. Also on tap is drummer Kenny Felton, who played in one of my previous ventures "Dr. Patterson Barrett & Associates". I'm pretty excited!

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