A Way Back Home

Patterson Barrett
Patterson Barrett


Gee, I'm not sure what to say about this song. The lyrics are below.

Musically, Walt Wilkins sang harmony, and did a wonderful job (what else would we expect?)

The solos in the middle and end are Gurf Morlix, Buddy Miller, and me (in that order) trading licks. If your headphones are on correctly, it should be Gurf on the right, Buddy on the left, and me in the center.


A Way Back Home (4:56)

--Patterson Barrett ©2017 (BMI) Criminal Tunes


Searching for an answer and finding not a clue

Upon close examination the answer is in you

You may not want to believe it, I think that what you’ve heard is true


Look inside, find what you need to know

Illuminated intuition shows

Your heart sends you where you need to go

In your mind try to find a way to get back home


Too many years ago to count, he left and hit the road

His mind was churning every day trying to break the code

He spent a lifetime looking for someplace to unload


He looked inside and found what he needed to know

Revelation as intuition showed

His heart sent him where he needed to go

All that time was trying to find a way to get back home


I don’t remember feeling so far away from here

But it’s easy to see clearly with the destination near

Oncemy vision was distorted by uncertainty and fear


I looked inside and found what I needed to know

Illuminated intuitions show

My heart sent me where I needed to go

In my mind I was trying to find a way to get back home

Out of your mind, now it’s time to find your way back home

Flying blind, we’re all trying to find a way back home