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    Saxon Pub


Come Back To Me

Patterson Barrett
Patterson Barrett


Come back to me
Darlin’ can’t you see
On my own, I’m in jeopardy
I guess living alone’s just not for me
I’m a better man
When you hold my hand
Don’t make me face the world all alone
Please, please baby, won’t you come back home
It was a bad situation
Fueled by inebriation
I stayed out too late with someone else’s date
And now you’re nowhere to be found
I didn’t think things through;
What my life would be like without you
I should have done the math, ran out of cash too fast
And now I can’t find a ride home
Now I’m not asking you to stand by me forever
Just help me stand until I get myself together
What can I do or say
To get you back here today?
I’m sorry you got burned, consider my lesson learned
And now we’ll start doing things your way