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  • Oct 20

    Pawleys Island Tavern

    Pawleys Island

  • Oct 22

    Hyder-Burkes Pavillion, TSU


  • Nov 3

    Do-Rite BBQ at Graceland


Forever Mine

Patterson Barrett
Patterson Barrett


I played this song for my wife (and sometimes harshest critic), who commented that it would be a nice wedding song. Several years later, I got the opportunity to sing it a wedding—of my son Emerson and his bride Chelsea. Thanks, universe!


This kiss will last a lifetime

This moment sheltered by a love so strong, so new

If a thousand more may follow, their lips can only pale compared to you.

Not knowing any better

I opened up my heart and let it's doors swing wide

And you gave your love so freely, now I'll hold you always, somewhere deep inside

And you'll be forever mine

Cross the endless seas of time

Now the world may come between us and conspire to separate us further still

But our souls cannot be parted, our hearts beat now as one and always will

And you'll be forever mine

Cross the endless seas of time

When every other memory

Has faded in the mist that soon surrounds us all

Like a bright and burning ember

The warmth of this embrace I'll still recall