If you're like me (gosh, I hope not), you might be looking around thinking "how the heck can it be November already?"

Along with finally figuring out who the next president might be, November also means mounting our yearly celebration


and now...Summer

After observing the last concurrence of the summer solstice and full moon that I'll see in my lifetime, summer begins! How'd we get here?

Well, in May I spent 10 days in Tularosa, a small town in southern New Mexico…


Spring 2016?

How can it be? Spring is springing all around, and I'm traveling around a bit to see what it looks like in different spots. But I'm also spending a good stretch in my recently adopted second home, Nashville. While there…


Home in Nashville?

People ask me in conversation, "so, have you moved to Nashville permanently?".

How do you answer any question about permanence?

This fall will mark the first time since leasing a house in Nashville last February that I have spent 4…


"I've never been to Spain..."

...untill now, that is. I'm in Gijón, a medium-sized town on the northern coast of Spain, where I'm traveling and performing with my friend Stephanie Urbina Jones. Talk about seeing the world! After returning from a week in Scotland…


Going Bi

Bi-municipal, that is. I now have a residence in both Austin and Nashville. In an effort to expand my career and musical reach, I've been spending a good bit of my time in Nashville since last fall. During that time…


Wow! No news since Spring?!

In looking at this here website of mine, I can't believe I haven't written anything since Spring! Well, let's see...I'm leaving for Switzerland and Germany tomorrow for performances of my own stuff and with Stephanie Urbina Jones and Augie Meyer…


Home stretch

The Gram Parsons Birthday Hoot was wonderful; lot's of folks proclaiming it  "...the best yet!"  Look for audio and video from the show to be posted soon. Be sure to mark your calendars for next year (Sunday, November 2nd, 2014).


7th Annual Gram Parsons Birthday Hoot

It's time to celebrate Gram Parson's birthday! I do this each year by hosting a show here in Austin featuring some of the best musicians in town (I ain't lyin'...or even exagerating!) performing Gram Parson's music. It's this Sunday, November…


Low Country Shrimp & Grits Tour!

Well, let me start by saying the drive from Austin to South Carolina's Atlantic coast is...long. I arrived last night and I'm poised to begin my little Autumn tour tonight with an appearance at the Pawley Island Tavern. This…