CD release show

Casa DB, El Dorado, Austin

I’ll be playing songs from my new CD, aptly titled “I Just Can’t Call It Quits”.

The show will be hosted by Casa DB House Concerts, a beautiful and intimate backyard setting in Southwest Austin. My good friend and sometime collaborator Julieann Banks will open the show with a set of her captivating original songs, (I recorded one on the new record!), then I’ll sing my stuff, and we’ll finish off the evening playing and singing together.

An early review of the record proclaims, “His jaunty rhythms, folksy vocals and good-natured attitude reflect the fact that he genuinely enjoys what he does…comes across like a companion and confidant who makes you feel instantly at ease.”

Well, whether it makes you feel at ease, laugh, or cry, I will genuinely enjoy singing these new songs for you. I can’t quite call it quits…yet.