"When I Was Your Age..."

All of the songs on this new collection were penned by Patterson except for “Watching Amy Dance.” (a cover of a song from the Buddy Miller's "Your Love And Other Lies" CD), and examine the coming of age experience from  a variety of viewpoints.

  “Watching and participating in my son's entry into young adulthood inspired this collection of songs. Seeing what he was going through sparked my own memories of what I felt ‘When I Was (his) Age...’, and these songs are the result.”

 The music on the disc is solidly Americana, with elements of folk, rock and country evident. Barrett once again does most of the instrumental duties, wielding an army of musical hardware, from the staples (guitars, keyboards, bass) to the slightly more exotic (pedal steel, accordion, and balalaika), but there are notable guest contributions. Bonnie Bramlett lends her unmistakable vocals to the rocking abandon of lead-off track “Come Back To Me,” and she joins the equally iconic Gurf Morlix to sing on the gospel-meets-gravel-road chorus of “Nobody’s Fault But Your Own.” Morlix also adds licks and a solo to “In Your Own Voice,” leaving his unique imprint on the song. And the inspiration himself, Barrett’s son Emerson Wells-Barrett, plays drums on the cautionary (but completely fictional) tale “The Wrong Way.”

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I Must Be Dreaming

This 2007 release explores my somewhat active dreaming life, and other alternate states of reality in general. It features guest appearances by Buddy and Julie Miller.

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Up Popped Pancho!-The NewMatics

Released in 2002, this CD by The NewMatics includes lots of Patterson's singing, writing, and producing. Check it out!

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Previous events

When I first came to Austin, it was a couple of years after recording with Jerry Jeff Walker (on LA Freeway, among others), and much to my delight, the Cosmic Cowboy scene was in full swing. My band Partners In Crime followed a bunch of great groups in and out of venues—Willie, Jerry Jeff, Ray Wylie Hubbard, The Lost Gonzo Band, Denim, Plum Nelly.

Imagine players from those bands sitting around reminiscing and playing all of the great songs of that era—that's the Lost Austin Band: Bob Livingston, Craig Hillis, Ernie Gammage, Bill Browder, David Moerbe, and yours truly. Great fun, great music.

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