From the recording "When I Was Your Age..."

Here's a song about a young man who doesn't have a clue (possibly drawn from an early version of myself). So excited to have Bonnie Bramlett singing harmony with me on this! Her voice, so distinctive, has been one of the defining voices of rock and soul music. Joining her is another, less well-known but equally wonderful Julieann Banks. Let's dance!


Come back to meDarlin’ can’t you seeOn my own, I’m in jeopardyI guess living alone’s just not for meI’m a better manWhen you hold my handDon’t make me face the world all alonePlease, please baby, won’t you come back home It was a bad situationFueled by inebriationI stayed out too late with someone else’s dateAnd now you’re nowhere to be found I didn’t think things through;What my life would be like without youI should have done the math, ran out of cash too fastAnd now I can’t find a ride home Now I’m not asking you to stand by me foreverJust help me stand until I get myself together What can I do or sayTo get you back here today?I’m sorry you got burned, consider my lesson learnedAnd now we’ll start doing things your way