From the recording Give'em What They Want

We've all been in this situation: a conversation that avoids a particularly difficult subject that seems too large to ignore.
Jim Lauderdale sings harmony, Jon Hahn plays drums; anything else is of my own hand.


Elephant in the Room (3:07)
--Patterson Barrett ©2017 (BMI) Criminal Tunes
How you been lately, I thought maybe
We could get together soon
The conversation starts to bloom
 But there’s an elephant in the room
Things left unsaid
Are those flowers dead?
Emotional gumbo, there sits Jumbo
The big fellow’s sure working hard
The conversation could get hot
Is there an elephant or is there not?
Believe me when I say
It’s best to keep things gray
Talk about baggage, there’s a whole lot of junk in that trunk
You know what they say about loose lips, and we don’t want to get sunk
Elephants carry a heavy load
You don’t want to be here when it explodes
‘Cause it will take lots more than a broom
To get all of the elephant out of this room
We don’t want to clear the air
It’s more than we can bear
So we embrace the Pachyderm
And keep our friendship firm