Inspired by the CoVid pandemic, written and recorded during lockdown and featuring my recorded debut as a drummer (?) and my son Emerson on mandolin and vocals.


Confined to our quarters, now we’ve made our bed.
Here’s hoping that none of us sleeps like the dead
While yarns of the future are spinning in my head
And who’s left to keep the world turning?

Six feet under, six feet apart;
Will we stand together, when can we start
Start to realize we all share the same heart
And we’re all breathing in the same air.

Paint the house
Walk the dog
Lots of home cookin’.
Has the world really changed all that much
Or is it just the way we’re looking?

Minute by minute, day by day
When will it end, well, no one can say.
All we can do is keep plugging away
And hope that we still have a quorum
And who’s left to keep the world turning?