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"...There's something about this CD that comes through loud and clear: Barrett's earnest and charming songs and playing to match...there's a thread of honesty and soulfulness that runs through 'I Must Be Dreaming"...Trust me, this one will grow on you."
“…All good. All really good…He can write—exceptionally well. He can sing—pretty well. He can play-—man, he can play. Add the guests, the sound, the production, a big plus for the lyrics…Damn fine stuff, this. Well worth checking out.”
This little gem from veteran player and multi-instrumentalist Patterson Barrett doesn’t sound anything like a debut solo album, not with the likes of Buddy and Julie Miller helping out. ... his voice suits the laid-back sentiment of “Back in My Heart” and “Somewhere Far Away.” What really sets the all-original "I Must Be Dreaming" apart is its tender ability to tap into the vagaries of midlife without sounding like overgrown teen angst.
RATING: **** (4.5 out of 5 Stars)
“Forget the fact this is Patterson Barrett’s solo debut; he bears impressive credentials and considerable star connections…Barrett’s blue collar-country reveals a no-nonsense delivery and a keen eye for detail” Top 12 DIY Picks
"...(this) veteran has, after decades of experience, released a debut that he created on his own terms...and the knowledge that (he) got it right is an important part of any artist's career".
"Barrett assembles an arresting collection of original tunes. His songs combine alt-country musical textures with relaxed folky arrangements to create musical tableaus..."
"One of those heavy cats you never heard of because he chose to hang around Austin and raise his kids rather than hit the road finally takes his turn to step out. After years of working with Jerry Jeff Walker, Nanci Griffith, Gurf Morlix, Buddy & Julie Miller, Lou Ann Barton and lots of others you like from the Americana realm, this is a tasty work out that includes several of the above as well as a reunion with high school sweetie, Deborah Holland. A delightfully heartfelt and beautiful set that has been way too long in the making, this is a must for Americana fans, who are certain to flip out at discovering an important missing link."
"...This stellar debut is an introspective contemplation of life’s more melancholy themes [loss, change, and transformation], but is one that handles them with a delicate restraint and experienced insight...Bittersweet is tempered by optimism and hope, and occasionally by some unabashedly joyous, rocking. Barrett exploits his impressive multi-instrument virtuosity and producer/arranger instincts to produce a polished, musically-complex production..."
From an interview with Buddy Miller: Q: It’s been a long time since you and Patterson worked together. What's the experience been like? Has it changed much over the years? BM: I don't get the chance to work with Patterson nearly enough - years might go by between sessions but it's as if we're picking up where we left off. Q: You're known not only as an artist, but also as a producer of some stature. What's it like working with another producer? BM: I learned a lot from Patterson about recording, arranging, and songwriting. he puts so much thought, and heart and soul into whatever he does, and you can hear that when you listen to his record. Q: You and Julie sound great singing with Patterson on "Concrete & Steel"; the blend seems very natural. Does it seem that way to you? Was that something that was always the case? BM: It was a special thing for Julie and me to sing with Patterson on "Concrete & Steel" we love the song. And hearing our voices together only makes us want to do some more. Singing with good friends makes for a natural blend. Q: What can someone who's never heard of Patterson Barrett expect when listening to the new CD, “I Must Be Dreaming?” BM: if you haven't heard of Patterson you'll wonder why. He's great at everything and he's got a lot of heart. That's what comes through.
Referring to The NewMatics CD "Up Popped Pancho!," "...the obvious standout and leader is Patterson Barrett who contributes five songs, sings, plays just about every instrument known to man on the CD and produced it as well...Barrett's production is stellar. Not only sounding extremely radio-ready, the squeaky-clean sound gives the music an unadorned, un-messed with honesty..."