I Can't Call It Quits, out now!

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"Trying to pigeonhole Patterson is a daunting task... his flights are always worth tracking, a unique glidepath to marvel at and follow closely."
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“His jaunty rhythms, folksy vocals and good-natured attitude reflect the fact that he genuinely enjoys what he does…comes across like a companion and confidant who makes you feel instantly at ease.”
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Welcome to my website, where you'll find a bunch of stuff about me...what I'm doing or going to do soon, what music I'm making or have made or have helped others make, what I look like or used to look like...more than you've ever wanted to know about Patterson Barrett.

There's a music player at the bottom of each page for listening, and you can visit the guestbook page and leave a comment (please do!) 

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w/The Lost Austin Band

 —  —

The Saxon Pub, 1320 South Lamar Blvd., Austin

When I first came to Austin, it was a couple of years after recording with Jerry Jeff Walker (on LA Freeway, among others), and much to my delight, the Cosmic Cowboy scene was in full swing. My band Partners In Crime followed a bunch of great groups in and out of venues—Willie, Jerry Jeff, Ray Wylie Hubbard, The Lost Gonzo Band, Denim, Plum Nelly.

Imagine players from those bands sitting around reminiscing and playing all of the great songs of that era—that's the Lost Austin Band: Craig Hillis, Ernie Gammage, Bill Browder, David Moerbe, and yours truly. Great fun, great music

The 16th Annual Gram Parsons Birthday Hoot

 —  —

Sam's Town Point, 2115 Allred Dr, Austin

For all but one (covid) of the last 17 years I've hosted this tribute show to the music of Gram Parsons. An impressive house band will accompany a parade of singers and players as they pay tribute to one of the founding fathers of the musical genre now known as Americana, Gram Parsons. We are proud to announce that this year’s show will again be benefitting Austin Pets Alive, who continue their work to save pets from being killed in shelters here in Austin and elsewhere.

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