A New Reality


Yeah, it's hard to write about a world that changes by the hour, but one thing we know for sure, live performances are not going to look the same for some time.  

As of now, no gatherings of people in close proximity are allowed pretty much anywhere. And so we see folks taking to the internet; to listen to recorded music, (which by the way, is often superior to many live performances) and live streams of music performed from artist living rooms, artists of every sort imaginable. Perhaps you'll be able to see me in the near future, after I get settled in.  

In the meantime, you can listen to (and even perhaps, buy) my recorded songs, either on this site, or your favorite streaming service. And then pretend I've just laid out my heart and soul to you, there in your favorite local venue, and now the tip jar is being passed around, and I'm thanking you for helping to support the music. Thanks so, so much.

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